The time has finally come to release the first version of our new server: War! For those who don’t know, War is a collection of team-oriented PvP minigames. At the moment, there are two game modes to play: CTF (Capture the Flag) and TDM (Team Deathmatch). Don’t worry, we plan on adding more as the server grows!

A Brief History:

The concept of War is very familiar to both the admin team and the community. In 2015, HAZZADUDE created the first War server using the original “War” plugin on an old server named MooseValley. After the fall of MooseValley, we moved onto another server using the same plugin: Emenbee. We then created a minigame server called “The Web”. In 2016, we had the pleasure of working on the last “War” server for Emenbee.

We had known that we wanted to make our own War server, but never had the resources...until now. Our new War plugin is 100% built from the ground up, a Paragon Exclusive. It is inspired by tommytony’s original “War” plugin.

Getting Started:

Unlike previous War servers, there will only be one active map at a time. Jumping into the giant game portal in spawn will teleport you to the current map lobby.

Map Rotations:

Between each game, there will be a 1 minute vote period. At this time you can use /votemap or click the paper in your inventory to vote for the next map. If there are no votes, a random map will be selected. Maps cannot be played twice in a row.


We will keep the server as up-to-date as possible, sacrificing no stability or performance. . War will be released in 1.13.2, but will feature no hit delays. We hope to bring Vanilla PVP to War after the next PVP update.


CTF (Capture the Flag) is a mode where opposing teams try to capture the other team’s flag. The first team to capture the flag enough times wins.

TDM (Team Deathmatch) is a mode where opposing teams kill each other. Once a team reaches a specific amount of deaths, they lose.


The monument is a structure sometimes present in both gamemodes (depending on the map). Simply take the block from your head slot and place into the monument. This will claim the monument for your team and your team will gain health from being near the monument.


All maps will feature kits. Each map has kits specifically designed for that map. Some maps may use multiple kits, simply shift on spawn (before leaving) to cycle through the different kits.

Kill Streaks:

All maps will have kill streaks. These will be broadcasted in chat and may give you items and rewards at certain kill milestones.


Gather coins by killing other players, capturing flags, voting, or winning games! To use these coins, type /qs, /shop or click the Nether Star in your inventory to buy an item from the shop.


The core returns to bless players with it’s core events! Feed the core kills (Suicides don’t count!) and when it reaches 100% a double coin event will happen for 30 minutes! This will make any method of gaining coins double! (Except voting)


Levels are a fun way to show off to all your friends! Gain XP from killing other players, capturing flags, or winning games! At level 100, you will be given a cosmetic Golden Sword! (This will have the same stats as a normal stone sword.)


There will be cosmetic wearable hats, Hat Packs, and Hat Items. Hat Packs are bought from the server store and Hat Items are gained from the Hat Crate in Spawn. There are 3 types of Hat Items (Common, Legendaryand Exotic). Can you collect them all? Hats can be worn inside and outside of maps. Use /hats to access them.


If you are a donator on the server you can use /ph and will be greeted with a menu of holograms. These can be placed down inside of maps and will present everyone with a fun phrase! (They despawn after 5 minutes.)


We want to keep this server as updated and current as possible. This means that we will be having Seasons! With new seasons come: New Maps, New Game Modes, New Spawns..etc. Each season, coins will be reset. However, Levels will not be reset (excluding Beta).


We have to state very clearly that this is NOT the final server. This is simply a public Beta to test our custom plugins and see if things are functioning, balanced, and fun!. There will be bugs. If you notice any bugs, please report them to a Staff Member. Some things planned for the final release include more maps, stats, etc.


In the final War server there will be a choice of 3 map types:

  • New - These are new maps built exclusively for Paragon
  • Remixed - These are new remixed versions of old maps built by our Build Team.
  • Classic - These are maps that have been on servers in the past, but have been restored.

An important note: In the final server, Classic Maps will only be available to play on the Weekend (Friday-Sunday) This will not be the case for Beta.

Here is the Map Lineup for Beta:

  • CTF Cliffside (New)
  • CTF SkyFlag (Remixed)
  • CTF Islands (Classic)
  • CTF Castles (Classic)
  • TDM Retreat (Classic)

Here is the planned list for the full release:

  • CTF Cliffside (New)
  • CTF Mini (New)
  • CTF Railroad (New)
  • CTF Atlantis (New)
  • CTF IslandsRevisited (Remixed)
  • CTF SkyFlag (Remixed)
  • CTF SwimmingPool (Classic)
  • CTF Islands (Classic)
  • CTF Ships (Classic)
  • TDM Lava2 (Classic)
  • TDM Retreat (Classic)
  • CTF Castles (Classic)
  • CTF Plateau (Classic)
  • CTF BloodGulch (Classic)
  • CTF MarioLand (Classic)

Note: This list can and may be changed at any time.


The War Beta will start Friday, August 2nd at 3PM EST and will continue until the full release. Once again we'd like to state that this is a Beta, so there will be bugs. Please report any bugs to help make the server more stable for the final release. We hope you enjoy this new server, if you have any suggestions feel free to post it on the forums or message an Admin.

We hope you enjoy playing War!