With the Warden on its way, it's time to restart and rebuild a new world with the beautiful new terrain. From adventuring in the cold misty mountains to exploring the dark dank caves, your survival experience starts here.

If you haven't see our post about the Donation Rank changes, be sure to read up on them changes here.

Survival Season 3 is going to be released on Friday, May 20th at 4pm EST!

New Server, New Format

Survival Season 3 will be following the new format we introduced in Creative. This means that you’ll unlock new perks, commands and extras by playing on the server and voting to gather Survival Tokens. You can then spend these tokens on your in-game rank.

Survival Rules

  • No Griefing - This includes being added to a claim and griefing. Any griefing can be rolled back and punishment will follow.
  • No Lag Inducing Machines - You may make redstone contraptions, but keep in mind large areas of lag-inducing repeaters and other redstone lag machines are not tolerated and will be removed/punished.
  • Exploiting Bugs - If you find a bug or exploit not intended for the server please report it, you will be given cool rewards for reporting. Failing to report an exploit and abusing it will result in punishment.
  • Respect a Player’s wish to be left Alone – If a player has asked you to leave their claim then you have to leave, please respect other player’s.
  • No Player Killing or Trapping - We do not allow warp or teleport traps intended to kill players. Doing so will result in punishment.
  • No Asking Staff for Unclaiming Areas - That will automatically be done after 365 days of inactivity. Chest claims will be unclaimed after 7 days of inactivity. Unused claims will be unclaimed after 14 days.
  • No Scamming - Scamming people for ingame ranks or items is not allowed, and punishment will follow.
  • Offensive builds - As stated above this is already a global rule but as it is more likely to happen on creative we want to re-enforce this rule. We do not allow builds, signs, books, etc that are offensive, rude, inappropriate, racist and or anything that upsets another player. We want to promote a fun and chill environment.
  • Finders Keepers - All naturally generated structures in the wild are free game. You must claim it to keep it!
  • Resource Gathering - Whilst you are free to gather resources in the wilderness, please avoid destroying large areas of land.
  • Above the Nether - You can claim, build and explore above the nether!

Survival Tokens

As you play on the Survival server you’ll earn Survival Tokens. Every hour that you play, you will get 20 tokens. Voting & Chat Games will also earn you tokens. These tokens are what you’ll use to upgrade your in-game rank.

Survival Ranks

You’ll be able to spend your Survival Tokens to purchase in-game rank upgrades. Doing this will unlock awesome perks to use on the Survival server. Each rank will cost 100 Survival Tokens. There are 56 ranks in total. Visit R3-KT at spawn or use /rankup to open the Ranks Menu. Below is a list of what each rank will unlock:

  1. Beginner Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  2. /kit food - (Access to the daily food kit)
  3. /recipe - (Easily check the recipe on an item)
  4. /loom - (Access the loom via command)
  5. GP Flag Enter/Exit Message - (Welcome and Exit Message)
  6. /cartographytable - (Access the cartography table via command)
  7. 500 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+ 500 blocks to GP claims)
  8. Novice Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  9. /kit blocks - (Access to the daily blocks kit)
  10. /book - (Edit books via a command)
  11. /editsign - (Re-edit a sign without breaking it)
  12. Painting Editor - (Paint custom paintings)
  13. Statue Editor - (Make custom armor stands)
  14. 750 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+750 blocks to GP claims)
  15. Apprentice Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  16. /kit decor - (Access to the daily decor kit)
  17. /sit - (Sit down on anything)
  18. GP Flag NoPetDamage - (No damage to pets)
  19. GP ViewContainers - (Allow other players to view containers)
  20. Extra Home - (Set an extra home)
  21. 1000 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+1000 blocks to GP claims)
  22. Adept Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  23. /kit redstone - (Access to daily redstone kit)
  24. GP Flag NoIceForm - (Ice will not form within the claim)
  25. GP Flag NoVineGrowth - (Vines will not grow within the claim)
  26. GP Flag NoLeafDecay - (Leaves will not decay within the claim)
  27. GP Flag NoSnowForm - (Snow will not form within the claim)
  28. 1250 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+1250 blocks to GP claims)
  29. Veteran Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  30. /kit xp - (Access to daily xp kit)
  31. /workbench - (Access to the workbench via command)
  32. /grindstone - (Access to the grindstone via command)
  33. /anvil - (Access to the anvil via command)
  34. /smithingtable - (Access to the smithing table via command)
  35. 1500 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+1500 blocks to GP claims)
  36. Master Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  37. /kit decor2 - (Access to daily decor2 kit)
  38. /near - (See who is near you within a radius)
  39. Be able to set a player warp (/pw help)
  40. Extra Home - (Set an extra home)
  41. /condense - (Condense any stackable items/blocks)
  42. 1750 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+1750 blocks to GP claims)
  43. GrandMaster Title + 1 Cosmetic Key
  44. /kit blocks2 - (Access to daily blocks2 kit)
  45. /pweather - (Change your personal weather via command)
  46. /enderchest - (Access to the enderchest via command)
  47. GP Flag ChangeBiome - (Be able to change the biome in your claim)
  48. /ptime - (Change your personal time via command)
  49. 2000 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+2000 blocks to GP claims)
  50. Survivor Title + 2 Cosmetic Keys
  51. /kit xp2 - (Access to daily xp2 kit)
  52. GP Flag NoMonsterSpawns - (Monsters will not spawn within your claim) *Note: Will not despawn monsters that spawn outside your claim.*
  53. GP Flag KeepLevel - (Keep your levels if you die within your claim)
  54. GP Flag NoFallDamage - (Receive no fall damage within your claim)
  55. GP Flag KeepInventory - (Keep your inventory if you die within your claim)
  56. 2250 Bonus Claim Blocks - (+2250 blocks to GP claims) + Honey fall Particle +  Rank ★

Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention is making a return to Survival Season 3. This will allow you to claim your land using the golden shovel. Use /kit gp to get the golden shovel and a book of information on how Grief Prevention works. You will start off with 1000 claim blocks when you first join. There are two ways in which you can get more claim blocks.

Certain in-game rank upgrades will give you a bonus amount of claim blocks to use. You will also gain claim blocks by playing on survival. You’ll get 50 claim blocks per hour of playtime up to a maximum of 35,000 in combination with the in-game rank bonuses.


The vote crate and the cosmetic crate are both located at spawn. The vote crate can be opened with the keys you get from voting. Opening the vote crate will give you a chance to receive either 1 Survival Token or a Cosmetic crate key. You can vote using /vote.

The cosmetic crate is full of great pets, particles, styles, disguises, vehicles and more to use on the Survival server. Show off your styles using /cosmetics.

Head Collection

We’ve added a data pack that will give mobs/animals you kill a chance to drop their heads. You can use these to display at your base or show off your explorer skills to your friends.

Inner Artist

Put your artistic skills on canvas as you can now paint custom paintings to display around your home or claim. Create the palette and canvas, then use dyes and items as different colours to draw the perfect painting for all to see. You'll unlock the ability to use ArtMap when you reach Survival Rank 12. Once you're at this rank use /artmap to get started.

Fine Tuning

With the new and improved statue editor, you can customise armor stands to match your exact style or layout. This can be used to show off your hard earned netherite set or to decorate your home or base in unique ways.

What The Future Holds...

We have updates planned to keep the server fresh, so keep your eyes out for future additions.