Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Survival Season 2 announcement post! We will be covering everything thats brand new on the server and it will be fairly lengthy, so sit back and grab your snacks as this will be the guide to the survival galaxy.

Before we get going, you're probably wondering when Season 2 will release. Well, the server is going to be released on Saturday, November 7th at 3pm EST or 8pm GMT. We will be holding some special events before the release. To make sure you don't miss out get the latest info on our Discord.

Minecraft 1.16!

As we’ve done before, we plan on keeping the server up to date with the latest release of Minecraft, so you can play all the new features as soon as possible! Go out and explore the vast new nether! When we are able to update all servers to the latest version, support for older versions will be dropped.

A whole new world!

This season, we're starting off with a 10,000x10,000 overworld like we have before. Each time a new major update is released, such as 1.17 & 1.18, we will expand the world border by 5,000 blocks, to give access to new land and its features.

The Nether and End are going to be the same size as the overworld. This will ensure there is plenty of space to explore, build and gather resources. This change allows us to enable claiming in the Nether and End for the first time on survival.

You’ll be able to access the nether via nether portals you create, or portals you rebuild at ruins. Going through a nether portal will randomly teleport you somewhere in the nether. Once you have gone through a nether portal you will be able to access /warp end. Once you arrive in the end, be sure to slay the Ender Dragon. If you miss out on this opportunity, gather the required items to re-summon the vicious beast!

Note: The only way to get to the end is by using /warp end. If you find a stronghold, it’s End portal will not work.

Rules & Regulations!

In order to make survival a more friendly place, we are introducing some rule changes this season. These will ensure players are treated fairly when it comes to claiming, griefing and exploits.

This season we are introducing a new land claim plugin. This allows you greater control over your land, including what can and can not take place there. More information about this is located further down in this post.

It is still your responsibility for who you add to your land claim. However, if someone abuses this such as steal or grief inside a claim, staff will have the ability to investigate the situation. If required, rollbacks can happen on the affected land or damage. You should make best efforts to only add people you trust, and use the land claim plugin to control your land appropriately before asking for staff help.

The server rules can always be found here, as well as using /rules on the server. Below are the updated survival rules. Please have a read through and make sure you follow these as you play on Season 2.

  • No griefing. This includes being added to a claim and griefing. Any griefing can be rolled back and punishment will follow.
  • No player killing or TP killing/trapping.
  • No lag inducing or obscene builds.
  • No exploiting glitches or bugs. If you find any bugs or glitches, report them to staff. If you are caught exploiting, you will be punished or have your balance/levels, etc reset.
  • Respect a player’s request to be left alone.
  • No asking for staff to unclaim someone’s area. This will be done automatically after 3 months.
  • No scamming. Scamming people for in-game items is not allowed. Remember that IRL Trading is not allowed anywhere on the network.
  • Finders keepers. Natural structures that are claimed first are finders keepers.
  • Resource gathering. Whilst you are free to gather resources in the wilderness, please avoid destroying large areas of land.
  • Players are allowed to claim, build and explore above the nether.


The economy in Season 2 is different to what we have used before. You can now use your dollars for way more than just aesthetic items. Store some dollars at the bank or spend it at the various shops around the spawn island. Make some money too by selling your items and become the richest person on the planet.


Use /wild in any world to be randomly teleported in that world. Once you have found your perfect place to set up your home or base, you’ll want to claim the area to keep it safe from others. Start off by using /land create (name), to create your land and claim the chunk you are standing in. Lands costs $50,000 to create and $100,000 for every chunk as you expand your claim. As you expand your claims the chunks will increase in cost.

After you have created your land you can claim more chunks using /land claim. Add your friends to your land claim by typing /land trust (player). To explore all the options for your land and customise permissions and features use /land to access the land menu.

Land owners can charge their members taxes if they wish. This can help contribute to the upkeep of the Land. The upkeep cost increases as your land size gets bigger, so make sure you are regularly making deposits of money in your land bank. You can do this using /land deposit (amount). To remove money from the bank, its /land withdraw (amount). If you are unable to pay your upkeep after a few days, the last chunk you claimed will be removed from your land.

As you play on Season 2, you will earn more chunks. This allows you to expand the size of your claims. You also earn extra chunks from voting and completing chat reaction games. Supporters who have purchased a rank will get a one-time bonus amount of chunk claims too, which you can activate by opening your rank kit via the /kit menu.


The spawn island will be a central place for you to meet others, explore and access the various shops and vendors on the survival server. It's a huge island with lots of hiding spots and secrets. You will want to purchase some warps to access these shops and buildings quickly from the /warp menu, in the spawn warps section. Here is a list of all of the buildings around the spawn island.


This season, the Core has been overhauled, with a new improved look and some new features! As usual, you can throw items into the core to fill it. Filling the Core to 100% will trigger a drop party at /warp core and will enable The Core Event. This event grants you 1 hour of flight and 2 hours of saturation. You can enable flight by using /fly. The Core also blesses the server with a Core XP drop at 6:00AM and 6:00PM EST everyday at /warp core. What fills the core? Glad you asked! Here’s what items the Core feeds upon this season:

Events & Arena!

As you are surviving out in the dangerous wild, random events will occur. These events are to keep the world alive and to keep you on your toes! Here’s a list of events you can expect to see at launch:

  • Anti Gravity
  • Blood Moon
  • Blue Moon
  • Crazy Creepers
  • Lucky Rain
  • Solar Eclipse

Note: Core Events can occur at the same time as regular events.

We also have boss fights coming out soon in our event arena. Keep an eye out for more information on the boss update. In fact, keep both eyes open as the bosses can be very dangerous!


The Loot Crate:

Throughout Season 2 you will earn keys to the Loot Crate. Keys can be earned by:

  • Voting
  • Vote Party
  • Daily Kit
  • Reaction Games
  • Drop Parties
  • Bounties
  • Events
  • Donating

There are 4 tiers of items you can get this season. From the loot crate you can get Common, Legendary and Exotic items. The final tier is new and is called God Tier.

Common Tier:

This tier has the most items. There are many cool building blocks you can obtain such as concrete and glass to help with your builds.

Legendary Tier:

The legendary tier has no lore or unique names this season. This is the same as the Common tier. This tier has rare items in minecraft, with the best vanilla enchantment books and sets of armor/tools.

Exotic Tier:

There are 138 exotics to collect in season 2. These are made up of 47 exotic god fragment items, 5 admin items, and 86 other exotics.

There are some new unique enchants on the exotic items. Here is a list of what they are and what they do.

New Enchants:

  • Confusion - Applies nausea effect.
  • Double Strike - Deals double damage.
  • Exp Hunter - Drops more xp from mobs
  • Ghast - Shoots ghast balls from bows
  • Ice Aspect - Applies freeze effect
  • Poisoned Arrows - Shoots poisoned arrows
  • Rage - Applies strength on hit
  • Rocket - Launches victim in the air
  • Saturation - Regain food points
  • Scavenger - Can drop additional items
  • Smelter - Smelts ores into ingots
  • Thrifty - A percentage to drop mob eggs on kills.
  • Tunnel - Increase radius of mineable blocks
  • Vampire - Restores your health on hit
  • Venom - Applies poison effect
  • Wither - Applies wither effect
  • Wither Arrows - Shoots wither arrows
  • Switching - Allows you to switch enchantments (shift + left click) ex: silk touch & fortune
  • Love - Marries you to another player when you click on them. (only accessible on the Unification Star)
  • Vision - Applies night vision (toggleable)
  • Boost - Allows you to launch up like a rocket (hold down shift) (toggleable).

You can only get these enchants on exotic and god items.

Core Crafting!

The Core has learnt something new called Core Crafting! With this new perk you can now use a crafting menu by clicking the new lectern in front of the Core. However you can only do this when the Core is fed to 100%. You might be asking, “What can I craft in the core?” Well, introducing God Items.

God Items!

The God tier is the new and final tier of loot available in season 2.

You can’t obtain God Items directly from the Loot Crate. However there are special exotic items with the tag “God Fragment.” These are used to craft God Items. All God Item recipes also require the Totem of Unification, which are obtainable from the Loot Crate as well as some other secret ways. After obtaining all the required items, you and your friends will need to fill the Core to 100%. Then you may visit the Core Temple and use the lectern to craft a God Item! There is only one set of God Tools and God Armor. You can view the recipes for the God items by clicking on the Core’s Guide.

Some of the God items have a new enchantment on them called Switching. This allows you to use /switch on the item to switch its enchantments. For example; the God Pickaxe has Silk Touch, then when you type /switch it switches it to Fortune.


This season we will be having the love church with huge marriage benefits. To propose to someone you must craft a Unification Star when the Core is at 100%. The Core’s Guide can show you the recipe for the Star. Both players must each have $2,500,000 (Nobody said weddings were cheap!).

After obtaining the star, right click on the player you wish to marry and if they accept, you will be teleported to the church to complete the marriage. Once the marriage ceremony is complete the Star will be destroyed. Being married to a player brings many new benefits. Here is a list of all marriage benefits:

  • You will get a marriage home
  • You can send gifts back and forth
  • You can fast teleport to your spouse
  • View your spouse’s inventory
  • Being close to your spouse gains extra hearts (25 blocks)
  • If you are near your spouse and they die, it will have the same effect as a totem of undying (25 blocks). This only works every hour per spouse.

If your relationship has lost its spark and you’re thinking of ending it, go speak to the Love Doctor in the Church. For the reasonable price of $10,000,000 you will be able to divorce your spouse.


The bank allows you to exchange dollars for gold and vice versa. 1 Gold Ingot = $90 Dollars. You are also able to store your xp in the bank to keep it safe and secure! When you feel like enchanting stuff, just visit the bank and retrieve it! The Vortex rank does not lose xp on death, so the xp storage feature is not necessary.


Sell Shop

With the new economy you will need a way to make quick cash to buy all the brand new things around spawn, so we present to you, the Sell Shop! You can access the shop at spawn where you can sell most of your blocks and items. The Sell Shop also has different tiers. You will have to unlock more tiers to sell better items for more money. These tiers are:

  • Tier 1: Forager (Unlocked)
  • Tier 2: Miner (Locked)
  • Tier 3: Farmer (Locked)
  • Tier 4: Chef (Locked)
  • Tier 5: Fishing (Locked)
  • Tier 6: Hunting (Locked)
  • Tier 7: Trader (Locked)

The final 7th tier is not like the other tiers, it is not a list of items you can sell, but upon purchasing gives you the ability to type /sell from anywhere on the server. If you do not own this top tier you will have to sell your items at the shop in spawn.

Item of the Day

Every day there will be a certain item which you can sell for more than usual. This Item of the Day is totally random, so you never know what to expect. It could even be from a tier you have not unlocked yet. You can see what this item is in the sell shop, or within the Sell Shop menu.

Player Shops

In addition to the Sell Shop, Player Shops are making a return. These will work differently than before. To create a shop, punch a chest, shulker box or barrel with the item you want to buy or sell. Next, follow the chat instructions to set the price of the item. The shop will now be created. To switch the shop from buy or sell, use /qs buy or /qs sell. If you need some help with your shop, use /qs help.

Wizard’s Shop!

Hidden in the end you may come across the mysterious wizard. He will sell you rare items you may find difficult to locate or could help you as you explore and battle the Ender Dragon.

Shady Merchant!

A mysterious fellow with a knack for hiding in different locations around the spawn island. His stock of rare items are well worth the search for him, but you best be quick, he only appears from Friday to Sunday every weekend.

The items will be different each time, having a random chance to get something extra amazing or something not as amazing, but still rare. He sells for a steep price and may only sell so many of that item, slow and steady does not win the race.

General Features!

Auction House

You are able to sell your items using the Auction House. You can put anything you like up for sale, for a price of your choosing. You can browse other listings and make a purchase from someone else if you so desire. To access the Auction House, visit the Auction vendor at spawn, or use /ah. Keep an eye in Discord at the Auctions channel to see the latest listings.


If you are feeling lucky, visit the Lottery vendor in spawn or use /lottery. You are able to purchase up to 3 tickets per draw for a chance to win a prize. The more people that enter, the larger the prize pot is. Several draws happen a day and you need to be online to win. A draw will be cancelled if less than 5 people have entered or are online. You can see when the next draw is on the hologram next to the Lottery vendor. Good Luck!


mcMMO allows you to level up and unlock unique abilities. There are many different skills to unlock like woodcutting, mining, excavation and much more. To see information on a specific skill, just type the skill name as a command, such as /excavation for example. You can see all your levels by using /mcstats. You are also able to team up with your friends to gain XP as a group and unlock abilities like tree feller. To create or join a mcMMO party, simply use /party.


If you’re looking for some extra challenges to complete as you play Season 2, visit the bounty hunter at spawn. You will be able to acquire or purchase a mystery bounty which will be set at a random difficulty. Once you complete your bounty, you will receive your reward for your efforts and you may purchase another bounty.

Sleeping the night away

If you don’t want to face the dangers of the night, you and your friends can choose to sleep. If over 50% of players online are in bed, the night will be skipped. You will not be able to skip the night if an event is on.


You have the ability to trade safely and easily with other players. This will ensure that you are not scammed. By using /trade (player) you can choose any player to trade with so long as you are within 10 blocks of each other. This opens up a menu which allows you to place the items you want to trade. When you both agree on a deal, both players must accept and wait 3 seconds to transfer the items over.

Player Warps

We are introducing player warps to Season 2. You will be able to purchase a warp and set its location to your shop, base or any build you want others to see and visit. After creating a warp, other players will be able to browse through the player warps menu and select where they want to go. Set your warp by using /pw set. Make sure you categorize your warp correctly, so players know where they're going. Use /pw category (warp) (catagory) to do this. Browse other players warps by using /pw or visit the Player Shops vendor at spawn to see player shop warps.

Chat Games

To keep you on your toes we have a selection of chat games which include chat reaction, unscramble and chat battle. Chat reaction gives you a random word that you must type as fast as possible. Unscramble gives you a random word that you must unscramble as fast as possible. All words are taken from vanilla minecraft (blocks, items, mobs) so the more you know Minecraft, the better chance you have! The winner will receive one of the following items as reward:

  • $10,000
  • 1 Loot Crate Key
  • 16 experience bottles
  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 enchanted golden apple
  • 1 land chunk

Chat Battle is a custom chat game that allows multiple players to face each other in multiple rounds. Depending on the round you win on, you could receive 1-4 Loot Crate Keys.

Paragon Pots

We have a selection of carefully brewed potions available from The Pub at spawn. These potions feature unique and powerful effects which can help you explore or protect you during events. To see what the bartender has to offer, visit the pub and check out what is available.


You are able to sit on any stairs, slabs or carpet. Simply right click on the block you wish to sit on. If you are a donator, you are also able to sit on any block, as well as lay or crawl.


Statues & Paintings

The artist has been working away in his studio. He now is selling custom paintings for you to decorate your builds with. There are many different styles and sizes available. The artist has brought along his brother, who creates statues. He will sell you custom tools to be able to create and modify your own statues. We are also introducing invisible item frames, which will enable you to decorate and add details to your builds and bases.


If you want to spruce up the look of your home or base interior, check out the furniture store at spawn. There is a wide range of unique items to purchase from desks to toilets and everything inbetween.

Head Shop

Complete the look of your build by purchasing some decorative heads. There are 1000’s of heads to choose from (including your own), across many different categorize which can really add that fine touch to your base. Every season there will also be a new selection of themed heads to help keep your builds trendy.

Vehicle Shop!

We have introduced some new forms of transportation. Vehicles are being introduced in Season 2. The Vehicles Shop at spawn has a huge selection for you to choose, from basic cars and bikes to vehicles with special abilities like drills and tractors, there is a unique mode of transport for everyone.


The Plaza is the heart of the spawn. It is where staff events are held and where players can advertise to the community. Be sure to keep a lookout for announcements in game and on discord so you don’t miss these events. Billboards are also available at the Plaza (and a few other spots around spawn) which allow you to rent signs for a day and advertise anything you want. Just be sure to keep it friendly!


Voting not only helps the server, but we have also added in some awesome benefits that make it worthwhile for you. Each vote will give you the following:

  • $10,000
  • 1 Loot Crate Key
  • 1 Land Chunk
  • 16 golden carrots

When you vote, you are also contributing to the vote party. The vote party counts all votes from all players. Once it reaches 100 votes, every player who contributed to the vote party and is online will receive the following:

  • $50,000
  • 9 Loot Crate Keys
  • 5 Land Chunks

You can view the status of the vote party at any time by looking at the scoreboard on the right.


We have created some new kits to help you out with your survival needs. Here is a brief breakdown of the kits we offer and what they include:

Day one Kit (available on first release day):

This kit is only available on release day of Season 2. It contains some rare items that you only have one chance to get such as:

  • Day one Sword
  • Day one Shield
  • Day one Head
  • Day one Shirt
  • Day one Disc
  • Day one Banner

Info Kit (available every 24hrs):

This kit gives you information about the server, as well as the guides you need to help you with various tasks such as voting and creating statues.

Member Kit (available every 24hrs):

This kit gives you the basic starting tools for survival. Stone tools, Protection 1 leather armour and 32 bread.

Daily Kit (available every 24hrs):

The daily kit gives you 1 Loot Crate key and $3,000. Make sure you don’t miss a day!

Donor Perks:

Donor kits are one time only and contain enchanted armour, tools and more.

Donor packs are available every 3 days and contain valuable ores, blocks and more!

Audio Plugin! [Experimental]

This season we are adding a new soundscape to Paragon. Typing /audio in game will provide you with a link to a web client synced up to the server. We have composed custom music and recorded custom sound effects for the server and we hope this will make the experience greater. So try exploring around to see if you can find any custom music or sound effects! We really recommend this for a more immersive experience. This feature is experimental, so we will be adding new music and sounds in the future.


We are further expanding our Discord Nitro Boosting perks with Season 2. Supporters who are actively boosting our discord will receive a monthly kit with some useful items to help them along. As time goes on, Nitro Boosters will receive more perks, keep an eye out for info on this.


Make sure you don’t miss out on news or information by joining our Discord server. We also run events and giveaways there. Be sure to join and be a part of our community. Thank you all so much for joining Paragon! We hope you enjoy Season 2!