Global Rules

Mutable Offenses

  • No spamming. This includes key spamming, excessive capital letters, and spamming of the same message, word etc. Can also apply if you are sending a rather large message in unnecessarily small bits at a time.
  • Racism/racial slurs.
  • Verbal/disrespect of players.
  • While we do allow cursing, excessive vulgar language, especially towards another player, will not be tolerated.

Bannable Offenses

  • Advertisement of other servers. Talking about other servers in /msg is fine, but mass advertising through any media (messages, mail, pokes) is not okay and should be reported. Example: Come play towny, skywars, kitpvp, and more on!!!
  • Sexual harassment
  • Promotion of self-harm/bullying.
  • Death threats.
  • Releasing personal info.
  • Hacking.
  • Scamming/IRL Trading.
  • Pay-Pal charge backs. Breaking the store's terms and conditions will result in permanent banishment.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be respectful to each other. No bullying.
  • Please only speak English except in /msg or private chats.
  • What a staff members declares is final - do not argue with it.
  • However: If you deem the actions of a staff member unfair or abusive of their power, please report it on the website.
  • Bypassing punishments through the use of alternate accounts is intolerable.
  • No inappropriate/offensive skins (up to the decision of an admin) or builds (swastikas, sexual builds, etc.). If your skin violates the server's rules, we will ask you to change it. If you do not, you will be banned until you change your skin.
  • Exploitation of bugs/glitches is not allowed. Report them to staff! If you are caught abusing bugs/glitches, you will be banned.
  • Please be appropriate and use your common sense. Even if whatever may be going on is not listed here as a rule but still found highly inappropriate or offensive, such as starting drama, punishment can follow.

Discord Rules (Global Rules Apply)

  • No spam, including caps-spamming and emoji-spamming, No memes outside of #memes (spam-tagging is not allowed anywhere)
  • No posts in bad-taste (i.e. harassment, nsfw content, bad files/links etc.).
  • Cursing is allowed (besides hate speech) but please keep it to a minimum.
  • No promoting other Servers and Discord Servers (including references to DMs).
  • Please only speak English (except in #off-topic).
  • No abusing @Staff tags.
  • Report anything suspicious to the server mods or admins.
  • Admins have the final say.

Survival Rules

  • No player killing outside of arenas.
  • Stealing from unlocked chests is permitted.
  • Respect a players request to be left alone.
  • If someone is offline for 30 days, ask a staff to unclaim.

Pixels Rules

  • No inappropriate pixels.
  • Griefing/modifing is allowed.