What Survival Season One Has To Offer:

Protection stones, Player ran economy, vanilla-ess gameplay, 1.13 Aquatic Update, Loot Crate, mcMMO, Core, Events, purchasable heads, and more to come in updates!

Protection Stones is a plugin to claim and protect your land, you simply find an area in the wilderness and place it down to gain a zone with a radius of 25 (51x51). Using /ps help you can view more commands to be used, like /ps hide to hide the protection stone, and /ps unhide to see it again!

Player Ran Economy is where you (the players) can trade with other players-- using items and not ingame dollars. There will be no admin shop this season, so you will have to trade with players to sell and buy items! Using /trade (playername), you can put both the items you wish to transfer in the trade GUI, both players will have to accept to make trade happen. This stops scamming items. We understand that this isn’t the best way to make a big shop to sell lots of items. Once a currency item has been chosen, we can add a plugin to be able to create shops using that item.

Minecraft Version 1.13.2 is the version you’ll have to be on to play Survival. We plan on keeping the version up to date with Minecraft, so you can play all the new features as soon as possible! With this, we intend to phase out the creation of servers in any version before 1.13.2. Now that the server is 1.13.2, there’s a vast ocean to explore in underwater caves! Play with dolphins, turtles and beware of the evil drowneds!

The Loot Crate has been compressed into one crate! This now contains all the tiers from the previous Towny crates: Common, Legendary, and Exotic. You can gain the Loot Keys from voting, the member kit, events, and the webstore! More ways to gain keys are coming soon.

mcMMO has been updated to the new mcMMO! mcMMO has been constantly updated and they have plans on adding new skills and features! We’ve updated to mcMMO Overhaul as we feel this will have a lot more to offer in the near future! This also means there may be some bugs, so if you find any please make a /request, or post it on the forums!

The Core is back and improved with more new features on the way! Like on Towny you still throw items into the core. When the Core reaches 100%, an event will be ran that benefits everyone on the server. This will first give everyone 1 loot key. Then a drop party will occur. Next, the ability to use /cfly will be enabled for 1 hour and saturation will be given for 2 hours. There is also now a billboard to show the items that can be thrown in the Core.

Events have also been edited this time round, to make them more worthwhile. For example: Cat Capture now gives everyone a key when it dies, as well as some nice drops on kill. Minor tweaks to other Events occurred as well, like the Blue Moon now sets the difficulty to Easy...rather than Peaceful. Unfortunately, automatic Boss Fights have been disabled for the time being and are planned for the future.

Purchasable Heads are fun cosmetic item you can spend your ingame vote dollars on to spice up your house! Each head is only 1 dollar and you can find them at Spawn.

Future Updates! We are planning on adding loads more to Survival after release. We want to add PVP arenas to duel in, custom Boss Fights and Seasonal Events (Christmas Grotto). We will keep you up to date as we finish these new features! Thank you for playing on Paragon Survival and as always, if you need help or have a suggestion contact and Admin or make a suggestion on the forums! Thanks again! <3