1.14 is finally here on Paragon Network! Prepare yourselves for this vanilla hardmode experience!! There is no protection, claims, or towns; you choose your own teams and enemies. Griefing is allowed so long as it doesn’t cause lag, isn’t obscene, and keeps the server fair (no hacking or exploits). Chaos is a alpha/beta build meaning there will be a few issues with certain things! Please report any major issues to a Staff Member.

Because the server is vanilla, there is no teleportation like /home, /spawn, or even /tpa, The Overworld is 5,000 by 5,000 blocks, the Nether is  600 by 600 and the End is 4,000 by 4,000. We intend on updating the server with the small versions and resetting on the big updates. Have fun fighting, building, and surviving in the dangerous world of Chaos!

Survival Grief Prevention Update!

Switching to Grief prevention has opened up room for you players to have more block claims to build with! We hope everyone is enjoying survival! If you have any questions or issues ask a member of Staff!

Introducing The War Server!

Some of you already know that we have been working on this server behind the scenes. Well, to reveal what we are doing, let's discuss the plans and show off some of the cool things we have so far!

War will be the name of the server as it will have multiple gamemodes to choose from. The main two we will have are Capture the Flag (CTF) and Team Deathmatch (TDM). In CTF, you will be able to break and build in the map to allow more strategy. You have to capture the enemy team’s flag or reduce their life pool to 0 to win the round! In TDM, you will not be able to edit the map. The goal is to kill the enemy team and reduce their life pool to 0. These two will be the only two gamemodes at first, but we will add more as the server developes!

To answer the question “What version is the PVP?”, it will be 1.8 combat, so no hit delays! We want to make War the latest version, but it takes a lot of time for things to fully update. So, it will be 1.13 at launch.

While there are many brand new maps, we’d also like to bring some classics back from the servers many of you know and love. Some maps will be remixed with a Paragon twist to make them more functional and modern. If there is any suggestions on what you would like to see on the War Server or any questions, please speak to a staff member on the server or in Discord.

There will be a beta, more information regarding that to come very soon.

Here’s a teaser of one of our new CTF maps, Cliffside!