Hello everyone!

It’s time to announce the release. Yes, no more “soon”s, but instead a time and date. This post will explain everything there is to the release of Paragon Network. So, grab some snacks and a drink. There’s a lot to go over... =)

Release Date: 09/22/2018 Time: 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM BST

If you need any help with what time the release is ask a member of Staff.


Core Network Features:

  • Donor Ranks: Solar, Lunar, Eclipse, Nova, Vortex.
  • Custom Chat Format.
  • Custom Ticket Requests/Report System. (Easy and fast way to ask for help!).
  • Voting, Cosmetics.
  • Cross Server Friends.
  • More to come in the future!

Core Towny Features:

  • Custom world map, roads, warzones and darkzone.
  • Custom designed shop GUI, Buy, Sell, Playershops.
  • Nether, End, and Resource World.
  • PVP disabled in the wild and enabled in the zones.
  • King of the Hill (KOTH) and Envoy events occur daily.
  • Custom Events: 4 Boss fights, Cat Capture, Lucky Rain, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Drop Parties and XP Showers.
  • Custom Core.
  • Towny (of course), Towny GUI and Towny Fly.
  • McMMO, Jobs, Auctions, Lottery, Chat React, Achievements, and Slimefun.
  • Crates and Kits.
  • LWC (Locking chests and more).
  • Mob heads and player heads.
  • More to come in the future!


The Network:

Donor Ranks:

  • Solar ($5.00)
  • Lunar ($20.00)
  • Eclipse ($40.00)
  • Nova ($60.00)
  • Vortex ($80.00)


Pets, Particles, Tags (Prices vary).

Web Store Link: https://store.paragon.fun

Custom Chat:

We’ve worked hard on getting the server chat to be themed to Paragon Network, we may have missed a few messages so if you see any contact an admin!

Custom Requests and Reports:

Ever needed help and no one listens? Well we have a custom ticket system to help you faster! You can ask a member of staff for assistance or report an issue! To make a request type /request, to report someone type /report.

Network Friends:

We plan on adding more servers to our network so we have added the option to add friends, so you can be playing on Towny while your best friend is cobblestone mining in Skyblock!


You can vote for our server at 5 different sites to receive a vote key and vote credits. Vote credits can be used to get vouchers on the web store. The link to vote is: https://www.paragon.fun/vote




The Overworld is the world you will spawn in. This is the only world you can make your towns. This is also where the zones are located. Throughout the whole world, there are roads going across from border to border, with a train track underneath them. The spawn is in the center and the zones are in the southeast corner.

You can view this map at: https://www.paragon.fun/servers/towny

The roads cannot be built or claimed on. However, you can drive your cars along them or even drive a train on the subway! If you build your town close to a road and would like to have them connected, ask an admin using /request.

  • The Nether and End worlds will be reset often.

  • The Resource World is risk for reward as we have upped the ore spawn. This is to encourage players to mine and obtain resources in this world. It is against the rules to over grief/destroy the Overworld, but in the Resource world you can go wild! PVP is enabled and keep inventory is off. You cannot claim or build.


There are two types of zones in the Overworld: the Warzone and the Darkzone. You can use /warp PVP to travel to them!

  • The Warzone is PVP focused. You cannot build or claim in the Warzone (For now) and monsters don’t spawn. You don’t lose your items in the warzone, but you do drop your head when killed by another player.
  • The Darkzone is the most challenging area on the server. Keep inventory is off and you cannot teleport to other players. You must venture out and fight dangerous monsters for better drops! Mobs like giants, killer rabbits, charged creepers, baby zombies, iron golems and many more lurk around the Darkzone. You cannot build or claim inside it.

Custom Shop:

There are four types of shops: Buy, Sell, Playershops and Shady Shop. You can access the main shop from anywhere with /shop. The shop will be adjusted if need be.

  • The Buy shop has almost every item in the game. The prices are high to encourage players to make their own shops.
  • The Sell shop has the easy and throw away items, stone, dirt, etc.
  • You can create your own playershop. The limit is 1 per Member. You can buy from and sell to other players.
  • The Shady Shop occurs once a week and is hidden randomly in spawn. You can sell items for more to the merchant and buy rare items for cheaper. (Random items each week) (Will be added later).

In the future the shop will have custom items like the Fizz Pots! (They are custom potions with cool effects such as haste and resistance).


There are many events on Towny that randomly occur. There are also 4 randomly chosen Boss fights: Wither, Elder, Dragon and Illagers.

Each boss has a set of rare items that drop upon death. In the future it will be possible to spawn these bosses but the method of summoning will be for you to find out!

Note: The Dragon will flee if there are no players to fight it!

Other events like Cat Capture, Blue Moon, Lucky Rain and Blood Moon are also random.

  • Cat Capture is a fun event where you hunt down and kill an evil cat that is very fast!
  • Blue Moon lasts one night and makes the world peaceful.
  • Lucky Rain is in the name, it gives you a 24 hours (In game) of luck… and rain!
  • Blood Moon is the hardest and rarest event. Darkzone monsters spawn all over the world and night lasts twice as long.

There are set events that happen everyday like XP Showers, Envoys, and KOTH (King of the hill).

  • The XP Shower drops experience orbs at the core for a minute (6AM/PM EST everyday).
  • Envoys is a PVP event that occurs in one of the Warzones. Several supply crates will drop with good PVP gear!
  • KOTH is also in the Warzones, you must capture and hold the hill for good rewards. One person claims the hill. If you work as a team you can share items! (No rules against teaming) (7:30AM/7:30PM EST everyday).

We will also have Staff run Events like Drop Parties and in the future ROH (Race Of Heroes) and many more will be added!

The Core:

The Core is a very cool feature that we intend on expanding upon. The core hosts the XP Showers. You can also feed it crops to increase the size. It will eventually reach max size and once it does, a special event called the Core Party will happen. This is a drop party with rare drops. Also, fly mode will be enabled for an hour everywhere for everyone and saturation will be enabled for two hours! You cannot fly in the boss arenas. Please note: this can be changed at any time if we feel it is too overpowered.


We’ve kept Towny the same as people know and love, but with a twist! We have developed a Towny GUI for easy town creation and maintaining. We’re excited to see the towns you build and we intend on showcasing your towns (with permission, of course!). Donors also have access to /fly in towns for easy building!


A nice way to make cash if you’re lucky! The starting amount is $500 and tickets cost $100. Each ticket bought goes directly into the pot, so the more people that buy tickets, the higher the win!

Chat Reaction:

Have fast typing skills? Good at unscrambling? If so, chat reaction is the thing for you! Win Loot Keys by being the fastest typer! Chat will pop up with a word to type or unscramble. axmeplE!


SlimeFun has been enabled but items we feel would conflict in PVP or with the economy we have disabled. Though we will be up for suggestions/discussions on what to keep and what to leave removed.

Also we have the add ons "Extra Ores" and "Exotic Gardens".


There are many crates and crate types on Towny! Here they are:

Non Donor:

  • Member Crate, Vote Crate, Season Crate.

Loot (Obtained In Game):

  • Common Crate, Rare Crate, Legendary Crate, Exotic Crate.

Donor Crates:

  • Solar Crate, Lunar Crate, Eclipse Crate, Nova Crate, Vortex Crate.

Crates to be added:

  • Cosmetic Crate.


Non Donor:

  • Member Kit (Daily), Release Day Kit.


  • Solar Class (1 Time), Solar (Weekly)
  • Lunar Class (1 Time), Lunar (Weekly)
  • Eclipse Class (1 Time), Eclipse (Weekly)
  • Nova Class (1 Time), Nova (Weekly)
  • Vortex Class (1 Time), Vortex (Weekly)

Mob Heads:

Are you a collector? Then mob heads is perfect for you! You can collect all of the mobs heads in the game, even players when you PVP them in the warzone! (First person to collect all of the heads wins the Solar rank or a rank upgrade!)

Future of the Towny Server:

We don’t intend to leave the server as soon as it opens, we want to add more events and features in the future, we also want to hear suggestions things you think will add to our server.

Feel free to post suggestions on our forums: https://forum.paragon.fun/


Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us and has been patient for the release. All of the Admins would also like to thank everyone who has played a part in helping us make this server, all of the beta testers, all of the builders, devs, mods and friends. Finally, we hope you enjoy playing on our Network and most importantly have fun! <3