With the release of Survival Season 3 around the corner we've updated several other parts of the network. Details on these changes can be found below.


Firstly, we've updated the Rules, which was missing lots of updated information such as the creative rules and updated approved mods. If you've not read the rules before please have a read through.

The information on our vote sites has also been updated. This updated information helps attract new players who are looking for a server to play on. Be sure to vote as it helps out getting new players to join, as well as you receiving vote keys to open in-game.

The server list MOTD, tab list and scoreboard's have a new fresh look. As well as an updated selection of emojis for donors to use. To see these emojis, check out the store.


We've created a seperate post about Survival Season 3, check it out here!


Creative has been updated to 1.18.2. This has brought with it new blocks and an expansion to the world height. New plots will now generate the bottom layer on bedrock at -64. Existing plots, you're able to break the bedrock at the bottom of your plot to build below y=0. Many bugs have also been fixed as well as several improvments to features.


Hub has been entirely re-designed for 1.18.2. The new layout makes it easier to get around and explore all its hidden features. Cosmetic perks matching the rest of the network have also been added, so you can vote to earn vote keys with the chance to get a cosmetic key. You can also use your Hub Tokens to unlock some perks to use whilst you're on Hub.


After much consideration we've made the decision to remove War from the network. We feel its not in the place where we want it to be and without a new approach it cannot be either.

We have plans to work on new PVP experiences and when we're ready, we'll share more information about this. If you have any questions please speak to staff on Discord. =)