Updates, updates, updates…

We’ve been silent for a few weeks now but don’t worry we are still working hard on Season 2 and Paragon as a whole. With most of Season 2 built and ready to go, we are waiting on some plugins to be updated and completed before moving forward with the release. This also includes generating the new 1.16 world. We are waiting for a stable server version without bugs before generating to prevent issues. We also want to mention that with 1.16.2 possibly coming soon, we may delay generating the world or releasing the server.

Something to look forward to….

First of all, if you haven’t seen the new teaser trailer feel free to watch before reading this post.

As seen in the trailer, we are bringing back the loot crate. However this time around we’re changing things up a little bit. There are still 3 tiers of items you can obtain from the crate as expected (Common, Legendary, Exotic). However this time around we’ve decided to add and change some existing exotic items. With the exotic items you may find that some have custom enchantments added to some of the items. For example, there is an enchantment called Vampire, which gives you health when you hit something. These enchantments will only be accessible through the loot crate.

However the biggest change is that we are adding a new tier of items, these are called God Items. As seen in the trailer, a player walked up to the core with a diamond pickaxe and came back with a netherite one. Essentially, when the core is filled up to 100% it will open up it’s crafting gui to allow special items to be crafted. Unlike exotic items, there is only one set of armor and tools for God Items. God Items are crafted in the core using specific exotic items that are tagged with “God Fragment”. They also require a nether star and a new item called “Totem of Infusion”. For example, the God Sword requires all exotic god fragment swords, a nether star and some totems to craft. Now you may be wondering what the difference is between exotic and god items. Some god items have unique abilities never seen before. For example if you shift left click the God Pickaxe, it will swap the enchantments between fortune and silk touch. These enchantments typically can not both be on the same pickaxe.

This is just a small sneak peak on the kind of things you can expect in Season 2. We will have a whole post to explain everything Season 2 has to offer and what can be done upon launch.

In the meantime…

With Season 2 getting closer and closer, are you prepared? Do you have your base ideas in mind and what you’ll do when it opens? Will you become the richest player on the server or become the most powerful? Level up to the highest levels in MCMMO or even group up and forge a guild to rival other guilds and be the very best.

We understand that it may be hard to play Season 1 of Survival with the reset coming, however you can still jump on the War server and battle it out there. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to let us know in Discord by using the #suggestions channel or speak to an Admin.