Happy New Year!

We hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed the events that took place on the server. This short post is just an update on the network, and some info on new things coming and some changes. If you have any questions, speak to staff on Discord who will give you any assistance you need :)

1.15 Survival Update

Sly's Village

Within the next couple of weeks we are going to update Survival to 1.15. This update will add all of the new 1.15 features released, including some fixes to bugs and improved performance. We will post the exact date and time of the upgrade in our Discord, so make sure you join to be updated with the latest information regarding the upgrade.

World Border Expansion

At the same time as the above upgrade to 1.15, we are going to expand the worldborder of the main survival world by 2500 blocks in each direction. This will give you more space to explore and build in, as well as being able to see the new naturally generated features in the world... BEES!

Nether / End Reset

Whilst we're at it with all these survival updates and expansions, we are going to be doing a full Nether & End Reset during the 1.15 upgrade window. If you have items in there you need to get out, please do this in order not to loose anything. Like the upgrade, make sure you check Discord for dates and times, so you don't miss out on getting your items.


Time to get your creative thinking caps ready!

That's right we are bringing creative to the network. It will be 1.15+ with all the new blocks and fun stuff. We are also adding extra cool features like using player heads as on survival. Additionally new vehicles, custom images and world edit. With way more planned updates in the future we hope to bring to our community a chilled, fun place to express your inner artist and show everyone your epic builds, may it be making beautiful terrain or complex redstone, we can't wait to see what you create!


There will be two plot worlds on Creative, one smaller one 101x101 and a larger one 151x151 for your bigger builds. Everyone will get a free larger plot after playing on Creative for a little while.


We have many new events and competitions planned for creative that tie in with the core. We want to add these later on and get Creative out to you quick, if you want to see anything else added to Creative please make a suggestion on our Discord.


We are bringing back the Pixels minigame, with a fresh clean canvas for you to create new artwork. Pixels can now be found on Creative by using /warp pixels. You can also use a wider variety of blocks and textures as we have added lots more to choose from.