Happy Holidays Everyone!

This month on the Paragon Network, we are celebrating Christmas by having two giveaways. Once you have read the information below, head over to our Discord to enter in the #december-giveaway channel. Good Luck!

The Giveaways close on December 21st @ 16:00 EST.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
The first Giveaway offers the chance to win 1 of 3 Amazon Gift Cards. You can use these to get whatever you want, and will be send over ASAP once the giveaway is complete. The Prize amounts are as follows:
1st - $35
2nd - $25
3rd - $15  

Vortex Rank / Rank Upgrades Giveaway
For the second giveaway we are going to give one lucky person an Upgrade to Vortex Rank. Alongside this, we are then giving away 4 rank upgrades, which will bump your donor rank up by one level (equal to $20).

Please read the details on discord, and ask an @admin or @staff for help if you need it. Also please do not enter if you are banned. If you enter twice, both of your entries will be removed.