As we enter this festive time of year, we have some updates we would like to share as well as some information and new features coming to the network. To make sure you don't miss out on anything we are doing, be sure to join our Discord!

Christmas Sale

It would not be Christmas without a sale, this time it's the biggest sale we've ever done. For the whole of December we are offering 50% off of Everything on the Store. Make sure you don't miss out on this offer, which will be available through December.

As a little bonus, we are also giving away a free Christmas tag to everyone. Make sure you get yours on the Store now, before it is too late.

If you have any issues with the store or a purchase, please speak to an Admin in game, or on Discord.


The Hub has been given a refreshed Christmas look. Take a few minutes to explore and see what you can find!


Christmas Grotto

You can explore the Christmas Grotto by using /warp grotto in game. This will take you to a huge area to explore with lots of fun stuff to see and do. From Boat Skating and the Christmas Dropper, to visiting the Gingerbread Village and opening the Advent Calendar.

Christmas Dropper

Use your skills to try and complete the challenging dropper. If you manage to make it all the way down, a special Christmas gift will be yours. Don't forget to take in the cool design on your way down though.

Advent Calendar

Come visit the Advent Calendar every day through December using /warp calendar in game. Every day,  we will be opening a new door, and whatever is behind is yours to keep. There is some cool and unique items available, so make sure you don't miss out!

Christmas Crate

The Christmas Crate makes its debut with some great festive items for you to collect. Be sure to get your Christmas Crate keys by Voting and use them before the end of December. Remember, you can get 5 keys a day, so there are plenty of items coming your way. Thank you for voting, it really helps out the server :)

Minecraft 1.15 Update

As you may already know, Minecraft version 1.15 will be released on December 10th. This update introduces many new features and a huge amount of game performance tweaking. Oh, and BEES! Whilst we want to update Survival to 1.15 as quick as we can, we need to wait in order for the server version we use to become stable, and to ensure that there are no critical issues that would affect game play.

However, we will be releasing a 1.15 Vanilla server upon release to test some features. It also gives all of you a chance to come play with the new items and the bees! We will release another post about that when it's ready to play, so keep a look out!

Discord Server Boosting

For a while now Discord Server boosting has been around. These boosts allow everyone in the community to have access to some cool features and generally improve the Discord Server for everyone using it.

To show our appreciation to anyone who Boosts our Discord Server, from today, we are offering some Discord and In-Game perks for anyone who Boosts our Discord.

Discord Perks:
> Custom Nitro Booster Rank
> Access to Booster Only Text/Voice Channels
> Ability to post images/gifs in #general channel

In-Game Perks:
> Custom Nitro Booster Tag
> Access to monthly Booster kit on Survival

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading our update. Thanks for playing on the server and showing your support by Voting or Donating. If you want to make suggestions or speak with the community, please join our Discord! :)