Minecraft Java 1.15 has now released, and we are bringing it to Paragon Network! Chaos is a completely Vanilla hardmode experience. We will offer no protection, claims, kits or items. You choose your own allies and enemies.

Since the server is vanilla, there will be no tp commands like on survival, so no /home, /spawn or even /tpa. However you can still set your spawn by clicking on a bed. The world size is also considerably smaller than usual too, so you'll need to be careful of others. The world sizes are:
Overworld - 5000x5000
Nether - 600x600
The End - 4000x4000

Griefing and Raiding is allowed, so long as it doesn't cause lag or impact the server performance in any way. Chat rules still apply to this server, and obscene builds will be removed.

As 1.15 is very new, we will be constantly be updating the server, as new versions of the server software become available. This does mean that there will be issues, bugs and drops in performance. Please report any major issues to staff in our Discord.

Have fun fighting, building, and surviving in the dangerous world of Chaos!