Hey. We hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy in these worrying and uncertain times we are going through at the moment. Easter is already here and we have some information about some of the stuff going on this week to celebrate.

Store Easter Sale

Live right now is our Easter Sale. We are offering 25% off of everything on the store, as well as a free Easter tag for everyone. If you've wanted that Rank Upgrade or a new Pet, now is the time to get it. Visit https://store.paragon.fun to see whats on offer. The sale ends Sunday, April 12th.

If you have any issues with the store or purchases, please contact a member of staff on our Discord.

Easter Crate

The Easter Crate makes a return with some exclusive items for you to collect, as well as some other rare items. Make sure you /vote to get some Easter Crate keys!

Easter Egg Hunt

Next Sunday (April 12th), we will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt event. 10 eggs will be placed in the Survival world, and if you find them, what is inside is yours to keep. This is not an event you'll want to miss as some of the prizes are really good! We will post more info on this event and what time is starts in our Discord.