Hey Everyone!

If you haven't heard already, the next major release of Minecraft, 1.16 is coming out tomorrow!

With this, we've decided to finally reveal that we've been working on the next season of survival. Survival Season 2! This will be a complete reset of the world and server. As it stands, development is nearly complete on 1.15.2 -- However, we've designed season 2 to fit with 1.16. The next step is waiting for the server jar to actually update. As soon as spigot/paper starts releasing dev builds we will begin on finishing the season. This includes waiting for plugins to update and updating our own custom plugins. We also want to wait until the server jar is somewhat stable before we fully release the server. This means we have no ETA on a release date, we are planning for it to be in the coming weeks.

We know a lot of new people joined recently so we will be giving them some kind of compensation on the new server. There will also be a full website post with more information coming soon. If you have any suggestions or questions about Season 2 or the network, please ask an admin in Discord.

Thank you all for playing, and we look forward to seeing you on Season 2 very soon.